Let's face it: no parent looks forward to the weekly battle of getting their kids to church. None of us wants church to be a place our kids dread going. And the good news is we don't think it has to be that way! It's our hope that by creating fun, exciting environments where kids can experience God in new ways, we'll help you avoid the Sunday morning struggle and make church a place your kids can't wait to get to each week!


If you spend any time around our church at all, you'll quickly learn one thing: we love students. They're smart. They're funny. They're bold. And they're bursting with potential. We truly believe that we are in the midst of world changers in the making. We know that the middle and high schools years are a time where students are most in need of kindness and community and someone to walk alongside them as they grow. Our student ministry provides just that, connecting students with one another as well as with leaders who want to support them in their journeys.



Women's ministries at our church are designed to make the big Sunday morning church experience feel a little smaller. We've crafted our environments to help you connect with others who are in the same season of life, forming close-knit communities to navigate the ups and downs of those seasons together. Through small group programs, our main goal is to make women's ministries at our church a place where anyone in our congregation can grow closer to community while ultimately growing closer to Christ.


Gods Grunts

Do you enjoy giving back to your community? What about coffee and Breakfast with men just chatting about your next service project to help build a better tomorrow for your community? Well then this group is the perfect place for you to connect! 

2 Saturdays a month we hang out at Connection Point, drink coffee, eat donuts and dive into fellowship with each other and God. Once a month we do a service project to help our community be a better place. 


For more info contact us today! 


We believe it is important for the family to have a place to hang out, have fun and connect with other people. Monthly we have opportunities for families to have a safe place to have fun, connect with each other and other families! Make sure to bring the grandparents as there will be fun for everyone! It takes a village to raise a child and we want to help you build that community around you. 



Our Hubs or Groups exist to cultivate intimacy with God and each other. People meeting together is great way to know each other and connecting by using helpful resources, feeling supported, and finding friendships that will help you live a fuller life in Christ. Our Hubs or Groups are built around three simple foundations… Follow ~ Jesus, Love ~ God and Others, Live ~ A Surrendered, Generous and Service Filled Life. We believe that Life is most fully lived as a response to God’s love for us.  So, no matter what stage or season of life you are in - we invite you to join us! We can't wait to help you connect with others in our church.